The purpose for this commentary is for my own personal benefit in growing in the Word of God and to share with others what I have learned from the Word and from great scholars and pastors. My goal is to take each passage of the book of Romans and give an exhaustive explanation and my own personal insights. To exegete the passage and do some minor scholarly work such as greek word research, cultural background work, commentary from other scholars and quotes from the early church fathers.

This work of mine isn’t done with ego in mind, with some false sense of superiority in that what I share stands with other great commentary work already done. It is done in humility to better share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who would be interested in reading what I have to share. I don’t believe my commentary to be infallible but I am using a wide variety of resources for my research such as the Expositors Bible Commentary, IVP Bible Background Commentary, Fee’s Pauline Christology, Vine’s, Systematic theology by Grudem, Ryrie, Calvin, Duffield/Van Cleave, Geisler and others. Among a longer list of books, I am continually expanding my library and knowledge.

Lastly, I do this work with the help of the Holy Spirit who resides within me. I believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and His role as a helper and convictor of sin and truth. Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit all spiritual work done for God is useless and void. If we are not regenerate and temples of the living God we are toiling for no reason. I believe the Lord will help guide my studies towards truth, and where I fail to understand, God brings fellow believers along side to help steer me towards the truth and in understanding.

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