Romans 1:3

Romans 1:3 NASB
“concerning His Son, who was born of a descendent of David according to the flesh,”

In the previous verse (2) we are told that everything that was promised by God through the prophets was brought forth by His Son. Paul makes this statement very clear, Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is divine, eternal and a part of the God-Head. Paul doesn’t give an explanation of Jesus’ role as the Son of God other then He was the one who was promised to save Israel, the Messiah. What stands out to me in this verse is Paul’s ability to briefly show us (or the Jewish Christian readers of that time) that everything God had been working towards; the Mosaic Laws, the Levitical Laws, the sacrifices, the promises of a savior and a final answer to all of the suffering they’ve endured since Abraham is finally concluded and exalts Jesus as the culmination of it all. Jesus was the key to all of the Jewish laws, traditions and sacrifices and He is God in the flesh. Make no mistake, Jesus was fully God, fully man. He is the Son of God and in perfect unity of the Trinity. Yet, He came in the form of flesh and walked the earth and suffered as we do. The purpose in Paul stating both Jesus’ divinity and his humanity is to help us better understand how God’s plan of redemption was made possible. We will dig deeper into this in later passages but the premises of this paradox is that only by the death and resurrection of Jesus could we receive salvation. By being fully God, His death was a sufficient payment as the atonement for our sins. His humanity enabled Him to suffer and die. As Charles Ryrie said it, “Without the incarnation we would have no Savior, Sin requires death for its payment. God does not die. So the Savior must be human in order to be able to die. But the death of an ordinary man would not pay for sin eternally, so the Savior must also be God. We must have a God-man Savior, and we do in our Lord.”
As Paul then flows into this statement that Jesus who is the Son of God is also born out of King David’s line. As David prophetically wrote in Psalm 2:6-9 and Isaiah in his prophecies 11:1. We see how important this is for the readers of this letter to understand. Jesus is from kingly lineage, He is the One whom the perfect Scriptures speak of and he was born as a man in the flesh just as you and I are. I think Jewish readers would appreciate this a lot more then us Gentiles. Their heritage and years of faith in God are now being fulfilled. It would be a similar feeling to us today, seeing the Second Coming of Jesus and the fulfillment of 2,000 years of waiting for Jesus to return as He promised. Paul was right to open his letter this way, he establishes the person of Jesus in the God-Head and His complete divinity while on earth and at the same time His humanity and being made a man. The rest of this letter is built on this foundation of who Jesus is and what He did.

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