Romans 1:20

Romans 1:20 NASB
“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood thorough what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

Paul has laid out a clear case for the wrath of God against unrighteousness. Man is without excuse. God has given mankind the evidence of a divine Creator and yet they suppress the truth. From the beginning of creation, God has intentionally provided evidence of intelligent design and accountability to that Creator through His very creation of earth and man. By His sovereignty, He has given us enough evidence by His character involved in mans affairs, His mighty power that has created all things and left a signature of intelligent design and by the birth death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has He shown the world the evidence of His authority and demand for righteous living.
Atheists claim there is no evidence for a God. Christians disagree in that their interpretation of evidence, and their interpretation doesn’t negate the truth and what evidence God has given us. One person may say that there are many genders and that there is no denying that truth. But that is only their interpretation based on what they believe the evidence is for those many genders. Reality says that there are only two genders and that is done by design. Just because we don’t agree with the parameters God has set up for evidence of His hand in creation and demand for righteousness doesn’t mean we are right. In fact, the only way to know truth is to abandon our way of thinking and adopt God’s way of thinking and realize that He is always right and we are not.
The last portion of this Scripture can be challenging because it says “they are without excuse”. Even those who have not yet heard the gospel are still accountable to God for their actions. This may seem severe but who are we to question God’s wisdom? It is because of pride and a self deception that we think we know better then God, and that brought the fall in the garden of Eden. We suppress the truth of a creator and accountability so that we do as we please. We are all without excuse. This is Paul’s argument, we are willfully ignorant in order to satisfy our desires and we are self condemned.
After the great flood in Genesis, Jewish tradition says that God gave Noah seven laws to abide by. These laws even preceded the Mosaic Law and would have been known by all the descendants of Noah. So after creation and the oral story shared by Adam, the power of the great flood and its destruction of evil, Noah teaching his descendants the commands of God towards wickedness, mankind still chooses evil over good. Man knows who God is, has seen His power and hatred of evil and yet they still do what is wicked in His sight. This is the epitome of understanding right and wrong and suppressing the truth, making themselves without excuse on the Day of Judgement.

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