Romans 1:22

Romans 1:22 NASB
“Professing to be wise, they became fools,”

Out of rebellion towards God, and suppression of the truth despite knowing there is a Creator, man thinks he is wise. Man thinks he knows how to correctly direct his steps in life and in this futile attempt, ends up becoming a fool. Today, a fool is seen just an idiot who makes foolish mistakes or someone similar to a sluggard. But Hebrews viewed a fool as being the bottom of the barrel in spiritual intelligence and obedience to God. Vine’s Dictionary puts it this way to explain the greek word “moraino” which Paul uses, “it is said of salt that has lost its flavor, becoming tasteless.” Man loses his senses that God has given him, his spiritual sense of right and wrong and need to worship the Creator. So he becomes foolish and thinking he is intelligent and understanding of the world.
How many people do you meet who have this attitude? They believe they have a deeper knowledge of he world and how it works and they don’t think they need to worship a Creator but instead they worship the created.

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