Romans 1:28

Romans 1:28 NASB
“And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,”

Man is wise in his own eyes. That’s what it seems Paul is conveying to us. They didn’t see it fit to acknowledge God anymore. They know He is the Creator, they know they are accountable for the unrighteousness in their life, they suppress the truth and worship false gods. Out of this rebellion towards God, He gives them over to a “depraved” mind. This word depraved is also translated as reprobate. In the greek word “adokimos” it denotes “worthless, castaway and rejected.” God literally given them over to their worthless and rejected mind to do evil things. There really is a sense that God is done with these people. Not that they can’t be saved if they have faith in Jesus, but because of their hatred of God they’ve made themselves intentionally void of God’s grace. They reject Him and He in turn releases them to further push themselves away from Him and into their sin. This is such a dangerous place to be in, knowledgeably rejecting Jesus causes one to fall deeper into a depraved mind and brings about more sin.
It may seem that Paul is going above and beyond to show his readers the problem of sin and mans depravity. But it is out of God’s mercy that He show us just how bad mankind has allowed themselves to get. Out of His mercy He wants us to see how much we need a Savior and how destitute we are without Him. Without our understanding of sin and its detrimental effects it has on the soul and our community we wouldn’t see a need for salvation and thus be lost from Him forever. Sin is offensive to God, and it is offensive to us to be confronted with how terrible it is. The next three verses go into even more detail of just how ugly sin is and how it weaves its way into all aspects of our lives.

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