Romans 2:1

Romans 2:1 NASB
“Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgement, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.”

Paul takes a shift from attacking the sins of the Gentiles and uses a diatribe style of communicating his next point. He is arguing with an imaginary person or group so that the actual reader cannot disagree with his quick u-turn of “self condemnation by passing judgement on others”. Paul needed his readers to understand that the very things he had just been speaking about (greed, deceit, boastful, etc) were the very things they were guilty of doing themselves! They who thought they were rightfully passing judgement upon others were just as guilty. The inconsistency of their spiritual lives and the necessity to see ones own sin was Paul’s objective. It hits home really hard when someone looks at you and says, “hey you! When you were mouthing off about how terrible those sinners were, you were doing the same things in your mind!”
Judgement is different then speaking the truth. Today, the two are so often confused. If I tell you that you are sinning and need to get right with God, you can say I’m judging you but to judge is to pass a verdict. Only God judges the sinner (judgement within the church is a different topic), we speak His truth but leave the judgement to Him. speaking the truth (like what Paul is doing here) may seem like judgement in of itself, but it is simply speaking the Word of God.
Consistency is the key to this passage. Paul is addressing the self condemnation of our self righteousness and revealing our own sin. We would be wise to give heed to this, judgement is reserved for God, don’t speak against someones sin if you are committing that very sin you are condemning. We must be consistent in our walk with the Lord, for without it we walk in sin and judgement of ourselves by judging others sins that we commit as well. This is truly a religious attitude that resembled the Pharisees who passed judgement on others who struggled with sin but condemned themselves because of their hypocrisy.
What this should encourage us to do is shut our mouths, speak less about others and focus more on the life Jesus has called us to live. To be consistent in our faith and obedience to Jesus. Less of us, more of Jesus. Less worrying about others and only focusing on Jesus. Less judgement, more truth and love.

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