Romans 2:2

Romans 2:2 NASB
“And we know that the judgement of God rightly falls upon those who practice such things.”

The reader is first confronted with the fact they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They’ve condemned and judged others for the very things they practiced themselves. They’ve emulated a religious spirit that screams judgement and not mercy. They point the finger and then God says, “you who judge practice the same things.” And then, the judgement of God falls on them, and they know that they are guilty.
God is just in how He deals judgement and mercy. He’s just in that He is sovereign and all things are under His subjection and can only deal judgement and mercy in a perfect way which reflects His character. When God passed judgement on Egypt in His plan to bring the Hebrews out of captivity, He dealt with them forcefully and lethally. Pharaoh hardened his heart towards God, then God hardened his heart even more. God is just in how He dealt with Pharaoh and he and the Egyptians received exactly what they deserved. If the sinner falls under such a great judgement from God, how much more then those who claim the name of Jesus but with their actions deny Him?
In His own wisdom and sovereignty He has declared those who practice what they preach against, under the same condemnation that the sinner is who has completely rejected God.
If God allowed us to live in this cycle of passing judgement on sinners but allowed us to live in that same sin, He would be allowing a breach of the covenant He has created with mankind through the sacrifice of Jesus. This breach is that God’s people are not supposed to be living in sin and most definitely shouldn’t be pointing the finger at others when we fall in the same sins. Jesus didn’t put up with it when He confronted the religious leaders during his three years of ministry on earth, and the Father wont put up with it in the day of judgement.

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