Romans 2:10

Romans 2:10 NASB
but glory and honor and peace to everyone who does good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

  1. Glory – (doxa) – The honor resulting of a good opinion. This glory signifies a manifestation of the acts of God and how He reveals Himself. Essentially, this glory is bestowed upon those who obey Jesus and exhibit His characteristics and nature. This glory isn’t something someone can conjure up themselves, it is given by God through the Holy Spirit manifesting through the obedient believer.
  2. Honor – (time) – A valuing, or price paid or received. This honor indicates the inestimable value of Christ and His work in our lives. as obedient believers we receive this honor that we neither deserve or can comprehend how valuable it is. To receive the gift of honor from God is one of the most precious gifts we can attain. This honor of receiving the gift of salvation and indwelling of the Holy Spirit cannot be comprehended. There is truly nothing more valuable then this.
  3. Peace – (eirene) – Harmonious relationships between men and also nations. This peace is the peace that gives rest and quietness to the soul. In a chaotic and wicked world, how little peace do we find in our communities, churches and homes. One must find the peace of God by doing good. By obeying Jesus’ commandments and living in submission to the Father, you enjoy this peace. Not that life itself is easy, but that you have a supernatural rest in Jesus and His work. You find peace between other people and manifest the fruits of the Spirit and rest in God’s grace.

These three things that Paul says are for the taking for those who obey God by doing good things has nothing to do with salvation. We are not saved by our works, but we certainly reap wonderful benefits by obeying the commands that Scripture give us. How often do we sin and not manifest the great glory of God and feel guilt? How often do we overlook the wonderful gifts God has given us and the forget the great work He has done to secure us? How often do we sin and miss out on the peace that God gives to us by walking in the Spirit in obedience? These three things are available and ready to be experienced by God’s people if we would do good things. Again, I must reiterate, these “good things” don’t save you or justify you anymore then you already are before God. They are a means of pleasing God, not grieving the Holy Spirit, not being chastised and disciplined, experiencing a higher level of gifts and blessing from God and to ultimately stand before God on the day of judgement and have your deeds judged in your favor not against it.

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