Romans 2:11

Romans 2:11 NASB
“For there is no partiality with God.”

There is no favoritism with God. He does not show partiality to anyone in regards to our final judgement. It would be our mistake to read this passage and not understand that God indeed gives blessings, talents and status at His discretion and wisdom while we live here on earth. Someone may spend their entire life poor and oppressed in a third world country with no hope of cultural or personal advancement but just as they entered the world naked and with nothing, so they will leave it. Someone may spend their entire life with unearned or even earned favor and standing in society but just as the poor person, they came into this world naked and with nothing and so they will leave it. The only doctrine of God’s partiality that matters is the eternal perspective. The life lived on earth is a blink of an eye in comparison to our eternity. We have not yet even began to live. And God reserves His impartial judgement for all His creation and with equal standards. When we all stand before His throne on the day of judgement, we will be judged for being righteous or unrighteous. This is the standard with all impartiality. He doesn’t care about our background, gender, race or status. He judges all with complete justice and fairness according to His perfect standard. This is because when we all stand before Him, none will say He showed favoritism towards anyone in regards to our righteous justification that is needed to be spared of His wrath. We will either be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ or we will receive the due penalty of His wrath and eternal separation from Him and His kingdom.
“Believe that everyone will be judged individually in the future and that every man will receive the just compensation for his deeds—whether they are good or evil.” Gregory Thaumaturgus (c. 260, E), 6.17.
In Jewish customs, the justice of God was widely believed and strongly emphasized. All throughout the the Old Testament Scriptures are glimpses of God dealing justice to people who sinned and also favor to those who obeyed Him. But what Paul is teaching his readers is that God will not show favoritism to them simply because they are Jews. Their ancestry to Abraham and abiding by the Torah will not give them a leg up on the Gentiles at least in regards to salvation. They will be judged just as equally as the Gentiles by their faith or unbelief in Jesus.

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