Romans 2:20

Romans 2:20 NASB
“a corrector of the foolish, a teacher of the immature, having in the Law the embodiment of knowledge and of the truth,”

Continuing his thought towards the pride of the Jew and his relationship with the Law, Paul digs deeper and paints a picture of them being the representation teachers and mentors towards the “foolish and immature”. This is how the Jews had seen themselves in contrast to the Gentiles. They were the elite, the chosen ones, the ones who had God on their side. This pride is their downfall, this pride is what caused so many of the Jews to reject Jesus as their righteousness. They were locked in with the Law and couldn’t see their own blindness to their sin, their unrighteous hearts and their self righteousness that repel the grace of God.
The Jews were the appearance and embodiment of the knowledge and truth of God! They were the representation of God as a nation. They had the Law, the prophets, signs and wonders, and Jesus Christ who walked among them and healed them. They above all people should see the truth and life Jesus had presented them with, but they rejected it. For all the good the Law provided the Jew, the Law also placed the Jew in a level of accountability far above anyone else. God’s expectations for them were higher because they had more revealed to them and entrusted to them. With more knowledge, with more spiritual authority, with a defined covenant with God comes an accountability that exceeds those who are without. Paul is making it abundantly clear to his readers that they have a heavy weight hung on their neck, are they able to bear it? Are they going to be able to stand before God and give an answer as to whether or not they bear righteousness that satisfies God’s stipulations?

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